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Plastic Neutrality

By transforming them into well designed, high quality lifestyle products, we are committed to diverting plastic waste from landfill, incineration and the ocean while achieving a truly circular economy.

Achieving impact since 2017


PET Bottles



HDPE Shampoo Bottles



Cups of Coffee Grounds



ABS Lego Bricks



PP Takeaway Boxes


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Your One-Stop Recycling Partner for a Greener Future

Our waste-to-product process is grounded in traceability and research and development.

Full Customisations

Have a product design in mind but wished it was made from recycled materials instead? Submit them to our consultants who will propose a suitable material replacement, complete with an estimated carbon reduction.

Product customisation

Select from our available SKUs with the option of adding your logo. Products are ready to ship in 14 days for your next event or activation.

People, Planet, Profit

As a certified B-Corp enterprise, we're committed to the triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit.


We believe in co-benefits by mobilizing social forces through innovative approaches, leveraging market mechanisms to enhance both human and environmental well-being. Our focus lies in utilizing business strategies to elevate living conditions, prioritizing societal and environmental gains over external stakeholder benefits.

Industry Relevant Solutions

Some industries has the potential to create bigger impact than others. From washable hotel bedroom slippers, to school uniforms made from recycled polyester, Goodcycle continues to explore industry-relevant solutions to achieve more green for our environment.

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Our Creative Founders.

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Co-Founder, Product Development

Jane Zhao

With 15 years of experience in the textile industry, Jane’s concern for the environment led her to start Goodcycle in 2017, with the sole intention of replacing virgin plastic as raw materials for textile.

Marrying her deep knowledge in materials engineering with zero waste design, Goodcycle has grown from strength to strength under her leadership, crossing the 1 million bottles recycled mark just merely 5 years from establishment.

Co-Founder, Supply Chain

Daniel Wang

Graduating from Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, as a major in Clothing Design and Engineering, Daniel oversees the entire supply chain operations in Goodcycle.

Armed with more than 10 years of experience in materials sourcing and development, textile production and supply chain management, Daniel is now investing his knowledge in promoting the widespread adoption of recycled materials.

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Creating a Better Tomorrow, Today

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