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Recycling Services

The biggest challenge in today's recycling landscape is sorting an transparency.

It is to reduce this pain points in mind that Goodcycle launched the traceability system based on blockchain and became a SSaaS (Sustainability Software as a Service) company. This service facilitates companies to trace the recycling destination and carbon emission index of waste products.

Recycling Process

Plastic is not the problem, disposal of it is.

Goodcycle's recycle and traceability service is comprehensive and fully transparent. Trusted by partners like SWISSE and Harmay, we aim to achieve a fully circular ecosystem for parties in all industries. 

Benefits of Recycling with Us

Ensuring full transparency, our WeChat mini programs helps our clients monitor the movement of your recycables at all times. Powered by blockchain, the same data will be available for all ESG and auditing purposes.

Tarceability service is currently only available in Mainland China.

Quality Products, Made Good

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